Dortmund fans open homes to stranded away supporters

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Football’s ability to unite – even in testing times – was brought to the fore by German fans.

Explosions that damaged Borussia Dortmund’s team bus in Germany on Tuesday ahead of a Champions League quarter-final against AS Monaco delayed the game by a day, and leaving some away fans stranded.

In response, Dortmund fans were opening their homes and hearts to fans of the Monaco-based team, using the Twitter hashtags #bedforawayfans and #tableforawayfans to offer their hospitality.

One AS Monaco fan, Adrien Thomas, told the BBC that he and four of his friends found a place to stay using the hashtag.

Mr Thomas shared an image of them having breakfast together, and extended a “big thank you” to the Dortmunder who hosted them, adding that an unfortunate event had been “turned around to create a great relationship between fans of the two teams”.

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“When terrorism tries to divide, football unites,” one Twitter user said.

Others shared similar photos online. Dortmund fan @vespafoto showed images of himself with AS Monaco fans around the dinner table, enjoying a good night’s rest in sleeping bags, and gathering for breakfast.

He had initially sent out a tweet, offering five AS Monaco fans a place to stay for the night.

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His guests thanked Germany and tweeted an image of the pasta dish they shared.

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One Twitter user said that this demonstrated football’s “true class”.

While another Dortmund fan, who said he had three beds available at his flat near the stadium, tweeted a photo with the away fans he hosted, captioned: “Football unites.”

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One Twitter user said that this was “a great positive example of how to use social media for good in a dark moment. Bravo to all the good people out there!”

“If #bedsforawayfans doesn’t make you think soccer/football is the greatest sport on Earth, then nothing will,” another added.

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