‘I was sterilised against my will’

After an emergency caesarean, Victoria Vigo found she had been sterilised – despite not having given her consent. Like many others who endured the same treatment, she is demanding justice.

“I wanted to have more children, but that choice was taken away from me without my permission – that was my decision to make not theirs.”

In April 1996, mother-of-two Victoria Vigo was living in the hot, coastal city of Piura in north-western Peru.

“I was 32 weeks pregnant and I wasn’t feeling very well, so I went to see my doctor,” she says. “He sent me to hospital where I ended up in accident and emergency. They evaluated me and decided to carry out an emergency caesarean.”

Vigo’s baby was born with breathing difficulties, his premature lungs weren’t properly developed and he died soon after.

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