Sexsomnia: My boyfriend raped his ex ‘in his sleep’

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Everyone knows about sleeping people who get up and go for a walk, but far less is heard about the rare cases of men who try to have sex in their sleep. One found himself in serious trouble, reports the BBC’s Sally Abrahams.

When Sarah first met Tom at a friend’s house, they immediately clicked. He was warm, chatty, with a gentle sense of humour that reminded her of her brother.

In the following weeks, they went on dates and spent more time together. Sometimes Sarah would stay over at Tom’s flat. At other times, he would come to hers.

As they were getting to know each other, something happened while they were in bed one night that made Sarah feel uncomfortable. Tom began fondling her breasts, then quickly began thrusting at her groin in a crude, unsensual kind of way. It was early days in their relationship, and she decided not to say anything about it.

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