The cat killer stalking suburbia

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For the past two years, a serial killer has been attacking pet cats in Britain, leaving behind him a trail of fear and mistrust.

This story contains details some readers may find distressing

Exactly what happened to Chantelle’s black-and-white cat, Scooter, is a mystery.

The last time she saw her, they were in her kitchen on a warm, still night this summer. Scooter was sitting on a stool watching as Chantelle marched around the house to increase her step count before bed. The next morning, she had disappeared.

As Chantelle searched the street outside, a neighbour came over to say he had found Scooter at 1am. She had been lying dead on the pavement outside his house. He thought she could have been hit by a car, even though there was never much traffic in their residential street.

He told Chantelle he had gone inside to find a blanket to cover the body. When he returned it had disappeared. He assumed foxes had taken it.

But later that day another neighbour approached Chantelle to tell her she had also found Scooter.

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